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Design of apartments and houses. Issue #3

Hello everyone.
And so,  you continue to read series of articles about apartment design. Recall that we have already done the layout, and proceed to the next step. This is drawing of sketches.

Scatches - allows to make drawings of  future design for a short time (10-15 minutes), and to solve problems on the place, while interacting with customer. If customer is far away - all this can be done in online mode, such as Skype. After communication, designer makes sketches of apartments.

An important point - the sketches are just a visual language that makes Idea clear between designer and customer. This means that sketches do not have to be beautiful, like works of old masters. They should allow customer in the shortest time to understand in what direction designer looks. If you want to make changes to the idea (make a marble floor instead of the parquet floor, to reveal a beam on the ceiling, add decorations on the walls, change the shape of the chandelier, put  lamp in a corner, replace the curtains) - do it while sketching.

Very often, designer need to re-draw one and same object when it enter the view. There is a rule in our studio - we do not repeat in other views things that had already been drawn. According to this  may be empty places at some sketches - this means that elements in this place have been traced previously. This method saves time and allows you to concentrate on the essentials.

Also, to get to the proportions of the room, we are entering a 3-d model of the room with white walls, floors and ceilings. Render, print and paint designs on top. (The same service is provided by designers, who bought visualizations of their ideas - a service called "white walls")

In the planning you can see specific points - it's views, which we continue to create drawings (specific points 1,2,3,4,5,6)

Here is an example of rooms in 3-d, and just below the sketches drawn on top of3-d images.

1. 1-st View point. All the specific points indicated on the plan above.

Easy Draw. Only most important things - furniture, portals, cornices, moldings, decorations (if any)

Sketch 1.

2. View-point 3. 3-d model.

Sketch. Kitchen.
Table, kitchen cabinets, chandeliers.

3. Species Point 4.
3-d model.

Sketch 3.
Hall with a fireplace, light fixtures, moldings and cornices.

Sketches by themselves mean little for a man watching from the sidelines. But they are significant close to the reference, which are chosen by customer. Imagine how the style falls on the flat, looking for references selected by customer, and comparing with sketches:

1. Carpet, curtains, picture

2.General mood

3. Details, moldings, frames, skirting

 4. The kitchen, island, cabinets

After scetches confirm, go to the next stage - plans and elevation drafts. This will be in the next part.

See you soon, sincerely yours Igor Voloshchuk
Live in beautiful homes!)


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